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55 Pyrmont Bridge Road Pyrmont NSW 2009

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NSW - PO Box 8158, Glenmore Park NSW 2745
VIC - PO Box 944, Merlynston VIC 3059
QLD - PO Box 3852, Robina Town Centre QLD

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Company Profile


IntegraLift is an Australian company totally dedicated to vertical transportation consultancy and has been providing the full spectrum of lift consultancy services to its Clients since 1997.

'IntegraLift', being the combination of the words 'Integral' and 'Lift', is not only our Company name, but also a description of the services that we provide and our mission statement is as follows;

"IntegraLift will provide integral vertical transportation consultancy services with integral quality and commitment to our Client’s needs, fulfilling the requirements of each particular project and striving to exceed expectations.”


Key Objectives

The objectives of IntegraLift are to;

  • Provide vertical transportation solutions with the highest possible standard of quality, with a professional approach backed not only by many years of experience in the industry, but also by academic studies in Engineering, Business and Work Health and Safety.
  • Provide fully coordinated Elevator, Escalator, Moving Walk and Building Management Unit (BMU) Services which are pragmatic and cost-effective.
  • Listen and be responsive to our Client’s needs and to provide services that will result in “value for money” for our Clients.
  • Deliver results and documentation on time, as programmed.
  • Demonstrate that we are a member of our Client’s team, whilst at all times being equitable with lift companies.
  • Assist in alleviating our Client’s workload by fully managing lift and other services.
  • Keep ourselves fully abreast of the latest design trends and developments in the vertical transportation industry.
  • Contribute to the containment of expenditure without sacrificing performance.