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55 Pyrmont Bridge Road Pyrmont NSW 2009

Postal Address:
NSW - PO Box 8158, Glenmore Park NSW 2745
VIC - PO Box 944, Merlynston VIC 3059
QLD - PO Box 3852, Robina Town Centre QLD

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Organisational Structure

Our team consists of ten (10) permanent staff and external resources engaged on a 'project basis', as required.

We have offices located in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane operated by full time employees of IntegraLift.
In addition, we carry out projects throughout Australia; covering, Australian Capital Territory, South Australia, Western Australia, Queensland, The Northern Territory and Tasmania and are involved in projects in New Zealand.

The experience of our team is varied and extensive, covering all aspects of vertical transportation. In addition to comprehensive consultancy work, that experience previously ranged through all facets of lift manufacturing and installation, including research and development and senior roles within major lift companies.

Members of our team hold qualifications in Management, Business, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.