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The consultancy services provided by IntegraLift include;

  • Maintenance and safety audits and annual surverys/reports on elevators, escalators and moving walks.
  • Annual survey reports and 10-yearly survey reports on Building Maintenance Units.
  • Design, documentation and services during construction for projects involving new installation or refurbishment of elevators, escalators, moving walkways and Building Maintenance Units.
  • Management of projects relating to all forms of vertical transportation.
  • Life cycle assessments of installations including upgrade evaluations and recommendations.
  • Assessment of Workplace Health and Safety.
  • Service review meetings and contractor management.
  • Lift System Performance Evaluation (Traffic analysis).
  • Lift Drive Control System Analysis.
  • Ride Quality Analysis including recommendations for improvement in line with new Lift Ride Quality Standard.
  • Production and negotiation of tailored Vertical Transportation Maintenance Contracts.
  • Administration of performance-based Vertical Transportation Maintenance Contracts.
  • Due Diligence Inspections.
  • Litigation/Insurance Inspections.
  • Expert Witness.